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Gender Pay Gap Data For Snapshot Date 5 April 2020

Our Gender pay gap data for snapshot date of 5th April 2020 is below:

Percentage or men and women in each hourly paid quartile

Upper Quartile 93% Male and 7% Female


Upper Middle Quartile 96% Male and 4% Female


Lower Middle Quartile 92% Male and 8% Female


Lower Quartile 66% Male and 34% Female


Mean and Median Gender Pay Gap in Hourly Pay


Mean female hourly rate of pay is 8.1% less than mean male hourly pay.

The median hourly pay for females is 15.3% lower than males.

Percentage of Men and Women who Received Bonus Pay

11.9% of females and 43.5% of men received bonus pay.


Mean and Median Gender Pay Gap Using Bonus Pay


The mean bonus for females is 70.3% higher than male employees. Male

employee median bonus is 28.9% higher than female employees’ median bonus.






Prepared by Debbie Winter – Company Secretary/Accountant

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