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Sustainability is at the Core of our Strategy

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to provide the lowest carbon footprint and sustainable logistics and vehicle
services to the world’s best
companies. As part of this, we offer our customers tailored
sustainability reports that meets their requirements and aspirations wherever they are on
their sustainability journey.

Why Sustainability is so Important to Us

• Right thing: We are committed to doing the right thing in our role as corporate
citizens, environmentally, socially and economically.

• Customer Priority: We share our customers’ commitment to a sustainable future
and work together to achieve it.

• Government Policy: We adhere to all UK policies and legislation on sustainability.

• Win Win: By doing the right thing together with our customers, we can all benefit
from reduced CO2 emissions and improved business performance.

Our Sustainability Roadmap

• We have set ourselves ambitious targets and a clear roadmap for achieving our goals
on carbon, environment, supply chain, social and governance.

CLICK HERE to see our full sustainability roadmap

Examples of Progress Along Our Journey

 Vehicle Technology

• Electric commercial vehicles

• Euro 6G engines

• PTO only engages engine for pumping of milk

• Explore the use of ‘electric pumping’ at farms

• Driver Behaviours

• Microlise to monitor driver performance (Green Band driving)

• Set up ‘Driver Trainers / Driver Champions’ team

• Defensive Driving course

• Driver incentive scheme during 23/24

• Other Initiatives

• Solar panels on buildings where possible

• Actively exploring the trialling of Hydrogen powered HGVs.

sustainability roadmap
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